Kids Who Read, Succeed!

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children from birth to age five. We’ve been Dolly’s partner since 2013, sharing the funding for the program to bring books to Greene County children.

The program has been a game changer for our children since the beginning. Yet, almost 10 years later, the impact it’s had is staggering. Over 14,000 children have enrolled or graduated…and counting…over 5,000 Greene County children receive a new book every month. We’ll surpass more than 500,000 total books delivered at the end of this year.

The impact we’ve seen and heard about from participating families is inspiring. This program does so much for children’s readiness to enter kindergarten when they turn five. More than that, for their confidence and sense of worth. The Imagination Library creates family bonds and traditions that will last a lifetime.

Imagination Library Impact Report

Inspire a love of reading

Please take a few minutes to download and read about the impact many of you have on Greene County’s children.

Foresight and extraordinary commitment

We would not be here without the ongoing commitment from United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and Kettering Health. Both organizations have the distinction of funding the Imagination Library in Greene County from the beginning.

United Way has been our largest donor every year. Kettering Health, in addition to their financial contributions, have been true visionaries, establishing a policy at Soin Medical Center to enroll every baby born there in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Your child’s imagination is amazing. You know it. We know it.

Get them signed up for the Imagination Library today!

Studies on the Impact of the Imagination Library

Experts from Education, Early Childhood Development, and Psychology share the results of their studies on the impact the Imagination Library has on children and their families.